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About us 

We are Bryony and Meg. We founded SLEEC in 2019. It is a constantly evolving project. We grow and change to meet shifting needs and we actively dismantle the harmful narratives we are fed by rape culture and sexism. 

Our purpose is to create spaces where we unlearn what we have been conditioned to believe is the right way to heal, the right way to support, the right way to keep safe and the right way to address male violence.

SLEEC came about through joy, through rage, through humour, through frustration, through pleasure, through pain, through honesty and through trust – through the deepest need to change what has not been working for such a long time. It came from us both finally, after many years in and out of support services (working within and using them), removing ourselves entirely from that world to be able to set up SLEEC. 

A space that was joyous, alive, powerful and honest. A platform that centres survivors in being in control of our needs and having the space to be heard.