We provide training and consultancy to all support services, charities and organisations. 

Bryony and Meg have the unique experience of having worked extensively in and been supported by support services and survivor charities. We have a broad understanding of the difficulties and pressures faced in these environments and have developed training to address this.

All training is entirely led by, and informed by, survivors who have been supported by or worked within this sector.

We provided survivor informed training and consultancy to support services, charities and organisations in an environment of openness, compassion and respect. Our aim is to increase the understanding around real safety, survivor’s needs and harm prevention, and to improve the quality in which spaces operate and structure themselves. The focus is always on solution-based training finding ways to meet everyone’s needs.

By acknowledging the need for survivor’s voices, our training aims to provide your organisation the information and tools needed to transform into a more supportive space for survivors.

Our training will enable your organisation to create a more effective and healthier working environment that focuses on the needs of both employees and survivors, as well as avoiding stress and burn out.

We have different types of training packages to suit every need, including tailored training programs and consultancy to fully support your organisation.

We would like to work with your organisation and help transform the current system to amplify the help you already offer. We want to create environments where making mistakes means opportunities to learn and grow.

If you are an organisation or support service, or working within one, and would like to know more about what training and support we can offer, please get in touch. You can find out more information on our experience and background here.

Once your organisation has been through our training and worked with us, you will be given the Basic Survivor Standards badge. This is to proudly show your space has taken steps to set these standards requested by survivors.