training for events

Training for venues and events

Meg and Bryony have both worked extensively within sexual violence services in the Southwest, as well as in pubs, clubs, bars and large events. We uniquely have the experience and knowledge from working in both sectors. Our knowledge and experience from this have shaped the idea behind this training.  

We want venues and event managers to feel confident in knowing how to create safer spaces and to have the tools and resources to enable everyone to address harassment, violence or abuse in the most effective way.

The training is designed to work with each individual venue’s specific needs, problems and work with them to help create accessible and easy to implement solutions that suits and benefits their establishment as well as their customers. We offer consultancy included as part of the training where we work with the staff to figure out the most suitable way to address challenges that exist in their spaces. 

What we offer:

We will provide one-day training (in house or online) that will be tailored to their venue or event, for all staff.

One-to-one consultancy to understand the individual venue’s needs and concerns. 

Create a safer space policy and sexual harassment policy that works for the venue or event and those who work there. 

Posters or resources your venue or event might want to support you in creating a safer space. 

We offer different options for large-scale events and festivals. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

We approach all our work from the position of compassion and understanding seeking to work alongside organisations and businesses to achieve our common goals. We aim to ensure we meet everyone’s needs.

Training is delivered from the position of what those who experience harm have said they need. We look at the root causes of harassment and abuse and how to prevent, deescalate and reduce harm through how situations are managed. We also challenge the unhelpful stereotyping of “victims” and “perpetrators”.  

Once your organisation has taken the training and had your safer space and sexual harassment policy drawn up, you will be given the Basic Survivor Standards badge. This is to proudly show your venue or event has taken steps to set standards for creating safer spaces.