Supporting survivors:

Supporting survivors:

We support and stand with all survivors of all genders.

This is where SLEEC began; building a space where we unlearn what we have been conditioned to believe is the ‘right’ way to heal, where we are seen as individuals rather than our experiences and where we can be unapologetically ourselves. 

After many years working within (and using) support services and then removing ourselves from that sector, we finally built this space; a space that is joyous, alive, powerful and honest. This is a platform that centres us in being in control of how we support ourselves, how we seek support, how we recover and live our best lives. 

This is something we both would have wanted to see when we were processing and healing from our own trauma. 

Across our platform we address things that are often avoided in mainstream support services, like understanding the complexities of our privileges and oppressions, exploration of sexual pleasure, erotica and sexuality after trauma, classism within well-being, the power of raw humour and playfulness, mental health stigma and learning how to liberate ourselves from sexist systems.

Here we are able to recognise and explore our own value and expertise in our individual experiences without limitations or control.


Part of having control and choice around trauma recovery involves being able to afford to access things that might help. Recovery is often a luxury, as those without money are unable to afford to meet basic needs to self-care. We started The Resilience Fund to support survivors to easily access mini-grants to help with the basics and radical-self-care treats. This is core to our project. We want to run radical healing spaces where everything is free.

We support survivors through our fund, our mutual survivor-support collective, through creative workshops and in the online and offline community we have created.