Changing and rebuilding systems:

Recent research and incidents given attention to by the media over the past year, have highlighted the severity of our current climate in terms of male violence and women’s safety. We are finally beginning to see what we have been screaming about for years, being taken seriously by those in positions of power. 

But the voices we are often hearing who are making important decisions around our safety, are not usually those with lived experience. 

Right now, we need survivor’s voices to be amplified and respected. 

We need to be central to this movement. 

SLEEC was founded by two survivors to who have not only campaigned for years on gender-based violence and abuse, but worked within rape and sexual violence services, alongside the police, within women’s charities and in safe houses. Most importantly, we deliberately chose to step away from these spaces, to create something entirely different outside the systems that can limit this kind of work and voice. We are and always will be entirely run by survivors 

We approach things from the position of what women and survivors are saying they actually need, rather than deciding for them. We work to dismantle the root causes of sexism and rape culture. 

We work to change the unhelpful structures and systems that exist within support services, charities, the well-being world, institutions, criminal justice and law, as well as the attitudes that shape these. 

We do this through campaigns, direct intervention, consultancy, training and education and creative media.