THE DISOBEDIENT SURVIVORS are looking for short stories, articles and pieces of writing about
as someone who identifies as a survivor or who has experienced sexual violence/abuse/assault or rape.

Stories of how you don’t fit the stereotype of survivor or that challenge the narrative of survivor/victim (or your struggles with this/others responses to this etc.)

Experiences of survivor support services (or mental health services/counsellors/charities) failing you/letting you down.
Stories of being misrepresented in the media or denied ownership of your stories (not allowed to use real name or photos of yourself for example)

Stories about things as survivors that are rarely discussed and sometimes judged, seen as controversial or been shamed for (for example survivor’s positive experiences of kink/BDSM/porn/sex work, weird and wonderful alternative forms of recovery and survival and celebrating different kinds of breakdowns.

Any topics you feel are important, are left out of discussions or seen as more contentious/taboo.

800 – 1600 words
£50 for selected writing: Selected writing will be published on our blog

Please email with either finished pieces (previously unpublished) or title suggestion, brief outline and an example of your writing. Also include a bit about yourself and if you would like any support in editing.

Deadline: 18th January