Recovery shouldnt be a luxury

Sometimes the available support systems can be shit or the limited options just don’t fit what we need! Most of us can’t afford the kind of specific support we need and often it isn’t even available.

We need to be able to chose individually how to support ourselves as we are all different.We shouldn’t have to be on endless waiting lists for support and we shouldn’t feel patronised,  disempowered or controlled by the minimal support that is out there. We shouldn’t have to accept support that demands we fit into regimented recovery systems with bullshit rules that further disempower and ‘other’ us. And we shouldn’t have to feel grateful for this. We deserve the best support and it shouldn’t be a luxury. There needs to be much better support systems with more funding and LED BY SURVIVORS. We need specific support services that are built not by deciding what we need, not even by ‘asking’ what we need, but by us; by LGBTQ+ survivors, sex worker survivors, survivors of colour, disabled survivors, refugee survivors, older survivors, young survivors… We need to be the ones in control of our own support. We have the knowledge and we have the experience. We are dissatisfied with what is out there and we want to find different ways to create better support systems.

#Recoveryshouldntbealuxury #Survivorled #Wewantrealchange